Vanilla Lime

Vanilla Lime is a summertime staple for me! This scent is one of the reasons I feel in love with Yankee Candle.

Vanilla Lime

The Scent: A tropical mixed drink you’d sip on a Caribbean beach! This is a vanilla cream-sweetened lime scent that smells both refreshing, icy, and sweet. The creamy, sugary vanilla is a warm counter-balance to the tart lime. It is a “food & drink” scent, but I wouldn’t call it a dessert (like Key Lime Pie) because it doesn’t have any buttery notes. You get a pure, blended drink aroma of sweetened vanilla and lime! I do wish there was a tad more lime, though, because the vanilla notes are dominate when lit! A-

The Throw: The throw is great, but when lit, those vanilla notes definitely overpower the lime (so it’s more like vanilla with lime notes)…..I still love it! It’s a medium throw…so it’s not going to completely knock your socks off, but it will come close! It can fill up a large room and you will be able to smell it the entire time it’s lit! It also starts to throw quickly…my living area filled up with Vanilla Lime only after 5 minutes of melting! A-

I love Vanilla Lime, it satisfies my need for citrus and my sweet tooth. This scent will transport you out of this snowy winter and into a tropical paradise!

-Kari Ann-



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