I got this tart of Tangerine in the Sale Scenter of Yankee Candle Village last year.

Tangerine is a retired scent that makes it way as a Treasure periodically. I think this tart I grabbed was a Treasure Tart…that wonderful period when all treasures released also came in tart form.


The Scent: A fresh, bright, citrus scent! It smells like a ripe tangerine that was just peeled! Basic, no extra scents added in…making this a perfect citrus scent. A-

The Throw: Basically, this tart had no throw. It was very disappointing because I couldn’t even smell it from a foot away! I can’t be sure if this tart was aged and had lost all of it’s oils, or if the throw of Tangerine is just really bad. Either way, I mind as well have lit an unscented candle. F

So, this is my first ever failure…Tangerine smelled great cold (although it was a very light and gentle cold thorw) but had no scent/throw when lit. I guess I know why it was on clearance 😦

-Kari Ann-


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