Thoughts on old tarts

Okay, so last week I finally used one of my precious Be Thankful tarts. Be Thankful had been the Thanksgiving Day scent from Yankee Candle up until they retired it last year.This year, in place of Be Thankful, YC released a Limited Edition line of Thanksgiving themed candles: Sweet Potato Pie, Cranberry Sauce, and Turkey & Stuffing.


For some reason, YC thought that Turkey & Stuffing would be a great replacement to Be Thankful……yuck!

Be Thankful

Now Be Thankful has been a family tradition since I went off to college…..over (yikes) 9 years ago. I brought home a votive of Be Thankful for my mom, and WOW did that candle really set the mood! It’s got all the spices, fruits, sugars, warmth…everything to compliment a Thanksgiving feast (Hint: no turkey scent needed). This was a candle that had an excellent throw!

So I had 2 tarts of Be Thankful that have to be >5 years old. I’ve been saving them, especially since Be Thankful retired (and was rumored to retire every year before that).

So when I finally used a tart….no throw at all! It only had that “powdery” dull scent that I now associate with aged tarts. I know that Be Thankful is a winner…so this just shows that if you love a scent, use (don’t save) your tarts!

I don’t have AC, so my tarts have experienced their fair number of really hot days…so I’m sure this is a factor. But my lesson: I should have enjoyed Be Thankful years ago rather than save it!

-Kari Ann-



  1. That’s interesting. I’ve just gotten into tarts. So I don’t have any old ones but I do have a tendency to hoard. LOL. By the way you can currently get Be Thankful in votives on the Yankee on line site.

  2. Thanks for the tip about the tarts. I also saved quite a few tarts for about a year (in an air conditioned home!) and they, too, had very little scent. I have decided that I will not purchase tarts that have been offered by YC for some time. I have wondered if the same thing happens to tarts in the YC warehouse facility. Anyway, large jar candles keep their fragrance if they were strong scents.

    • Marsha, I’ve had the same thoughts about some one the Outlet tarts! Any “rare” tarts I find usually have no throw!

      I’m trying to use up all my tarts and just have a few on hand (to try new scents, etc). It’s too bad…but jars last much longer!!!


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