Whoopie Pie

I normally hate chocolate candle scents, but I found Whoopie Pie to be surprisingly sweet!

Whoopie Pie!

The Scent: Brownie batter! This scent smelled like freshly baking brownies…..the part when they are very far from being actually finished, and the batter is just starting to set. I loved it…this is the truest “chocolate baking item” scent I’ve found. It is warm and sweet. I, however, only get the chocolate notes and none of the cream. Still delicious! A-

The Throw: Was actually really nice! It had a medium throw that completely filled up my living area! This candle will totally trick people into thinking you have a batch of brownies in the oven! B+

Whoopie Pie surprised me to say the least! It has a wonderful gooey chocolate scent and a very good throw! If you like chocolate of baked good scents, give this one a try!

-Kari Ann-



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