Outlet Trip Part 2

The highlight of Jenna and I’s trip to the Outlets was…of all things…the tealight section!

We were a bit disappointed in this trip, as there were very few new or hard-to-find candles. But the tealight section had so many scents that I haven’t seen in so long….and it looks like Yankee Candle has redesigned their tealights!


1) Orange Splash: This is perhaps the only scent I had never heard of before from our trip. Orange Splash is a fresh orange scent similar to the World Journey Sicilian Orange. We wondered if this scent was originally meant for the new spring line….or if it could be a new summer scent…or an older scent that has made a comeback. It was nice and citrus-y.


2) Tutti-Frutti: I absolutely love the retired scent of Tutti-Frutti. It is a ribbon candy-like scent of raspberry, blueberry, lemon, orange, strawberry, and maybe lime. It’s wonderful! The new tealights…as you will see in the pictures below….have a new box design, and the tealights are in what seemed to be glass or a much sturdier plastic.


3) Cinnamon & Sugar: Perhaps what surprised Jenna and I most about the tart section at the Outlet was all the throwback scents! Cinnamon & Sugar is another retired scent that was one of my favorites! It was a perfect winter/holiday scent of sweet and spicy cinnamon diluted by a ton of sugar! It also has slight caramelized notes!


4) Country Lemonade: I have a large tumbler of Country Lemonade that I have been hoarding! I love this very sweet and sugary take on lemonade! It;s perfect for the summertime!


5) Eggnog: I’ll be reviewing Eggnog in more detail in the future..it one of both my husband and I’s favorite wintertime scent! I’m still upset this scent was retired! The creamy vanilla, nutmeg, and custard-y scent is simply divine.


6)Water Garden: This is for Jenna…Water Garden is one of her all time favorites. The mix of greens, lotus blossoms, and fresh water make this a perfect springtime scent.


So….I went home empty handed. I’m getting ready to move, so candles are on my “don’t buy unless I cannot resist” list…..I already have enough candles to pack up and move!

-Kari Ann-


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