Room Sprays

Jenna bought two Yankee Candle room sprays at the outlet for her new apartment…and I got to try them out!


Black Coconut: I love this scent! It is a tropical and creamy coconut. This spray is a tad lighter than the others I’ve tried, but the wonderful scent makes up for that (to me at least!)

Turquoise Sky: This one is strong and quickly dispersed a strong scent! Turquoise Sky is a fresh, ocean-y, almost masculine scent that Jenna absolutely loves!


I do enjoy the Yankee Candle room sprays, especially when they are on sale 3/$10…..they fill up a room and mask odors (like my cat’s litterbox)…but they disappear fairly quickly…which is common for room sprays!

So, on sale…I love them. Not on sale…I go for Glade 😉

-Kari Ann-


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