The End of Cinnamon Sugar Donut

The other day, I lit Cinnamon Sugared Donut for the last time! It was such a great candle (with a wonderful scent) so I was sad to see/smell it end!


One thing I like to do with large jar candles is try out new mixes! Large jars burn for >100 hours, so it gives plenty of time to enjoy it on its own, or to try new combinations! There were two mixes I tried with cinnamon Sugar Donut that were home runs!

1) Cinnamon Sugar Donut + Apple Pumpkin

Apple Pumpkin tart

This was a great mix! The cinnamon and spice notes in the Apple Pumpkin enhances the cinnamon and sugar scents in the Cinnamon Sugar Donut. And the apple notes make it have a cider-glazed donut smell! It’s wonderful! A+

2) Cinnamon Sugar Donut + Orange


This was also a great mix! I’m in love with the mini scones from Panera (it’s my go-to  item to bring into lab meetings!). The best scone is the orange glazed…and this combination reminded me of that scone! The light orange notes melded perfectly with the cakey donut! It was wonderful! A

So here are two new mixes to help get the inspiration flowing!

-Kari Ann-


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