Banana Nut Bread

Banana Nut Bread easily just because one of my top ten candle scents of all time!

This scent has been yoyo-ing back and forth between retirement and availability over the last few years! Currently, it is not available in stores and I am unsure if it’s been retired or just seasonally retired. I bought myself a large tumbler at the winter SAS and wow was I blown away!

Banana nut bread tumbler

The Scent: It smells exactly like fresh baked banana bread! It is so good and instantly warms up any room! The dominant notes are the banana, freshly baked bread, and walnut! It is not a sweet/dessert scent, it is true banana bread…they kind you could eat as breakfast! I could have fooled anyone that I was baking some…it’s that genuine and realistic of a scent! A+

The Throw: This tumbler gave a throw that I can only describe as perfect! It completely filled up my living area with a medium-strong scent that was not headache-inducing. It created this lingering banana bread and walnut smell that warmed up my room and even drifted upstairs a bit! This is a good one! A


Overall, I hope Banana Nut Bread comes back next fall! It is truly a wonderful food & spice scent that does not venture into the sweet tooth territory! The spice level is perfect and I’d love to get another tumbler at the SAS next year! 🙂

-Kari Ann-



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