Creamy Spiced Eggnog

I have reviewed this Better Homes & Gardens wax cube scent a few other times in the past….but melted some the other night and felt inspired to write about it again!

Creamy Spiced Eggnog is my husband’s favorite scent…’s the only wax he’s ever melted by himself! I keep at least one pack of this scent in our MD apartment at all times!


The Scent: A perfect and delicious eggnog with just the right amount of vanilla, rum, and cinnamon! The creamy aspect really comes along nice! It is the perfect way to cheer in the holidays! A+

The Throw: Is simply spectacular! This one is a medium-strong that will easily fill up a large room for multiple hours (and multiple tealights!) A


Creamy Spiced Eggnog is one of those “go-to” scents for me that I never get sick of. And it’s a bonus that the hubby loves it too! You can get this at Walmart during the holiday/winter season…..but it seems to go fast!


And lastly, it is St. Patrick’s day…but I am stuck inside writing my dissertation! So here’s some Boston-Irish pride (Credit: Boston Bruins)

Bruins 1

And as a fan of hockey, I’ll also include this picture (credit: Pittsburgh Penguins).


-Kari Ann-


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