New Summer 2014 Yankee Candles

Jenna and I popped into a Yankee Candle this weekend for their Easter Event.

And of course we sniffed their new summer 2014 candles!

1) Margarita Time

Margarita Time

This scent was everything I wanted it to be and so much more! It is a lime scent, with a dash of salt, and notes of vanilla, coconut, and ice! I do think it has similarities with vanilla lime…but  the salt and slight coconut make this a summer-time, fruity winner! I can’t wait to try a tart!

2) Coconut & Vanilla Bean

Coconut and Vanilla Bean

This scent is a replicate of the #4 from the coconut line two summer’s ago. The cold through is very light, but the mix of vanilla and creamy coconut is very nice! When it was part of the Coconut Numbers line, this scent always sold out fast, so i never got to try it. I’ll be curious to read reviews…and may try a tart!

3) Cinnamon Vanilla

cinnamon vanilla

Cinnamon Vanilla reminds me of Vanilla Chai from this past fall. It’s a warm and spicy and absolutely reminds me of horchata, a delicious iced Mexican drink! However, I associate this scent (cinnamon and vanilla) with winter…so it’s not reading as summery to me. But I did like it!

4) Sea Coral

sea coral

Okay, this scent is just not my cup of tea! It’s a musk-based scent that reminded me (slightly) of cozy sweater. I have no idea why this scent is named Sea Coral because (to me) has 0% to do with the ocean! Others may like this fresh scent, but I will definitely pass on this one!

5) Peeps: Marshmallow Chicks


This scent was very nice, but it didn’t fully capture the smell of Peeps (to me). As Jenna said, “it’s not marshmallowy enough.” To be honest, it smelled like a mix of Campfire Treat and Vanilla Cupcake. I did get a sweet marshmallow notes…but there was definitely a slight smokiness and some vanilla. It was nice, but not a candle I’d buy at full price! Maybe it will hold out for the SAS 😉



Okay, so the new summer scents give a wide range of fresh, fruit, and food! Overall, very promising!

-Kari Ann-




  1. I’m excited to smell these! The Marshalls close to my office had the coconut & vanilla numbers candle in its clearance section a couple weeks ago, but the jar was cracked and the wax had melted and crystallized when it hardened, and smelled a little funky. For that, they still wanted $7.99!!!

    • Thank you so much for that information! It’s funny how a name can make you think a scent is different than what it is!

      Mind blowing that there’s no marshmallow! I’ll have to smell it again!

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