Orange Dreamsicle

Orange Dreamsicle by Yankee Candle is currently available as part of their “summer favorites.” I had a medium jar in my stock from two years ago that I finally got to try! It’s been nice out and I wanted to cheer in the warm weather!

Ocean Dreamsicle

Before I got into my normal breakdown, I give the disclaimer that I’m very torn on this scent. Lit, it’s not what I expected and I still can’t tell if I love or loathe it!

The Scent: Cold, it smells exactly like a creamsicle….a creamy vanilla and orange frozen treat. Once lit, those scents get a bit muddled (to me). It still smells like orange and vanilla, but for some reason, it loses that “creamsicle” smell to me. I get a dessert-like orange cake notes with a slight hint of vanilla buttercream frosting. To be honest, I think of a citrus-orange cake more than a creamsicle…..but that might be just me! B-

The Throw: It has it’s moments……When I first lit this jar, I was pleasantly surprised by the light-medium to medium level thrown. But….it definitely is one the weaker spectrum of Yankee Candle scents. As I lit it a few more times, the scent seems to get weaker (and it’s not just me adjusting to the scent!). Overall, its just okay for a throw. C-


So I don’t hate Orange Dreamsicle, but I don’t particularly love it. I keep switching between enjoying it, and wanting to blow it out in favor of a tart! But this is just my opinion! I know some love it! But, for me, the throw is too light for my taste!

-Kari Ann-



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