Frosted Sugar Cookie (CFTKR)

Frosted Sugar Cookie is a free sample I got from my Candles From the Keeping Room Order last year. I’ve been saving this sweet scent for a stressful week, and this whole weak has been “one of those days” for me!


fsc1 fsc2 fsc3















The Scent: A buttery and sugary vanilla cookie. This smells like a sugar cookie, with crystallized sugar on top, covered in vanilla frosting! It is a wonderful bakery treat! A-

The Throw: The throw was nice, but I was really hoping for a knock-my-socks-off experience. It definitely filled up my living area with a medium throw…so it was still good, but only average for some of the other CFTKR scents I’ve tried! B


Overall, Frosted Sugar Cookie was excellent! Actually, it reminds me of those frosted animal crackers! The throw is decent too…I just wished it was a tad stronger (The kind that can trick neighbors into thinking I baked cookies 😉 )

-Kari Ann-



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