Milk & Cookies

I bought this large jar of Milk & Cookies 2 years ago during the winter semi-annual sale at Yankee Candle. Since I am preparing to move to Maryland in a few months, I’ve decided to start burning a few of my heavier candles to lighten my candle load!

Milk and Cookies

The Scent: This is a wonderful dessert scent! It smells like vanilla wafer cookies with an extra dose of heavy cream. It has that fresh baked sugar cookie scent with dominate vanilla notes…but that touch of milkiness really sets Milk & Cookies apart from the other “cookie” scents! Very nice and not too sweet! A

The Throw: This one I had very high expectations for (as I have read rave reviews online). However, I’ve been slightly disappointed. The throw is just okay. It takes a while to be detectable (at least 45 minutes), and even then it only light fills up my living area. It is detectable, but the “smell radius” is fairly small. I suppose this scent would be better in a smaller sized room. I can still smell the creamy, sugary gooness, but I do wish it was stronger! C-


Overall, I love the scent of Milk & Cookies, but I wish the throw would be amped up a few notches!

-Kari Ann-


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