Jack Frost

Jack Frost is a now retired Yankee Candle that commonly pops up as a Treasure (in Yankee candle) or in the TJMaxx/Homegoods/Marshall trio during the winter holiday season. I have reviewed this scent before, but I used my very last tart of it the other day and thought I’d revisit this wonderful scent.

Jack Frost is one of my husband’s favorite scents and we find it to be perfect for a bathroom or kitchen setting!

Jack Frost

The Scent: Pure mint. Nothing fancy, nothing too sweet. Jack Frost is peppermint in its glory. This scent is the icy and slightly sweet scent of candy canes and starlight hard mint candies with perhaps just a dash of vanilla. It is a refreshing and cool scent that truly reminds me of winter and the holiday season. B+

The Throw: This is a scent best for a smaller sized room. The throw is average and to some slightly under-whelming. However, I’m a fan-girl of this scent. The throw is a light-medium (in a smaller-sized room its a medium), but it provides that nice minty background scent that calms you, but won’t overtake the house (so you can still smell anything baking, like Christmas cookies)! C


Overall, Jack Frost is a solid scent with an okay throw. However, it holds a special place in my heart so I will definitely look to buy another jar or tart for next Christmas season 🙂

-Kari Ann-


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