Balsam & Cedar

I’ve had quite a few disappointments in the candle burning category lately, so I brought in a classic to boost my mood.

Balsam & Cedar makes my list of being on of the strongest, and most consistently wonderful, Yankee  Candles. Even the votive I burned this week gave off a stronger throw than the two jars I am currently burning (Milk & Cookies and a swirl of Lemon Ice and Coconut….review coming soon).


Balsam & Cedar votive

The Scent: Balsam & Cedar could be classified as a Christmas/Holiday scent or a winter scent. It is the a perfect combination of pine, wood, and a hint of frost. It smells like walking through a remote coniferous forest as a gentle flurry of snow is happening. It’s a true Yankee Candle classic. A

The Throw: Every form (jar, tumbler, votive, tart) that I have lit/melted of Balsam & Cedar has been perfect! It fills up just about any size room with a medium-strong throw that is the perfect strength (smellable, but not headache-inducing). This could be my favorite holiday scent, maybe even my favorite “fresh” scent, by Yankee Candle. A


Balsam & Cedar was a nice change after my few “low throw” jars I’ve been using up!

-Kari Ann-


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