Christmas Tree

I’ve really been nostalgic for the holidays, eh? Actually, I thought I’d take my own advice and use up some of my favorite tarts (that I’ve been saving) before they lose their scent!


Christmas Tree by Yankee Candle is probably my favorite “christmas tree” scent and is right up there with Balsam & Cedar as my all time favorite “fresh” scent. Sadly, it retired a few years ago and I’ve been saving this tart since then!

Christmas Tree Tart

The Scent: A fragrant and freshly cut Douglas Fir Christmas tree. This sweet pine scent is so true to life and realistic that no one would even know my tree is a fake…well by scent at least! Truly wonderful! A+

The Throw: This pine scent is another winner! It is a medium-strong throw that will completely fill up a large room and that scent will linger pleasantly even after the tealight has run out (or warmer shut off). This is such a great scent to light for a holiday party! A


Overall, I dream of the day Yankee Candle brings Christmas Tree back into its seasonal line-up! They really nailed this scent and shame on them for retiring it!

-Kari Ann-



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