Eggnog (Yankee Candle)

I find eggnog as a drink disgusting….but eggnog as a candle scent amazing! So, I thought it was time to melt my last tart of Yankee Candle’s Eggnog.

Eggnog is a now retired scent from Yankee Candle, but it pops up now and then at Outlets or as a treasure during the holiday season!


The Scent: A creamy blend of frothy milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg…and maybe a dash of rum. It smells just like the eggnog my husband loves to drink (the Silk version that’s dairy-free). It is warming and makes me nostalgic for the winter holiday season! A

The Throw: The throw of this holiday throw-back is a medium. It has a decent throw that can fill up a middle-sized room pretty well. It’s not as strong as the pine scents I’ve reviewed previously…but it is by no means a disappointment! B


Overall, I love Yankee Candle’s Eggnog….just another scent I wish they’d bring back!

-Kari Ann-


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