Lemon Ice & Coconut Vanilla Swirl

I bought this swirl of Lemon Ice & Coconut Vanilla on clearance (50% off) at Target two summers ago. It was part of Target’s Yankee Candle Home Classics line that I have had great success with in the past!

However, this swirl candle has been a dud for me! This is sad because I absolutely love the cold throw and expected it to have a good throw! (Most Yankee Candle lemon scents are awesome!)


The Scent: A sweet and icy lemon mixed with a creamy vanilla-coconut combo. This scent has tropical summer getaway written all over it! The lemon reminds me of the Italian Ice treats from childhood and the Coconut Vanilla is the same scent as the new summer Yankee candle Coconut & Vanilla (or the #4 on the discontinued coconut collection.) A-

The Throw: Is basically non-existent. Of the 40 or so hours I’ve been burning this candle, I’ve only been able to “smell” it for about 10 minutes…and that is if I’m walking by right next to it. It’s a shame, but I can’t even smell the scent 10 feet away from the candle! This one is a total disappointment. F+


So, if I ever want to recreate a vanilla, lemon, coconut swirled scent, I probably just melt a tart of Meyer Lemon with Coconut & Vanilla.

-Kari Ann-



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