Boston Strong

One year ago today 2 bombs went off at the Boston Marathon, killing 3 people and injuring many. Along with most of the country I spent the next week glued to the news waiting for the people responsible to be caught. I was shocked when Officer Collier was killed, adding another victim as a result of the bombings. I know I live a bit south of the city, but Boston is my home. I am so proud of my city and all the first responders. I may be biased, but how many cities would shut down entirely (including suburbs) for an entire day in order to get justice.

Shortly after the bombings, Yankee Candle announced a Boston Strong candle to benefit the One Fund. I’ve never paid full price for a candle before, but I didn’t even think twice before purchasing this one.

The scent is their home sweet home scent. I’ve kept it stored since last, not sure if I would ever light it and maybe just keep it as a decoration candle. However, today it felt like lighting it would be the right thing. I love this candle and am so happy I purchased it. It just adds another reason to why I like YC so much, they create a great product and raised money for a great cause. -Jenna-



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