Tutti Fruiti

Tutti Fruiti is a retired Yankee Candle scent that definitely makes it into my top ten all time favorite candle scents! I melted my very last tart of it the other day, and boy does this one not disappoint!

Tutti Fruiti

The Scent: A sugary sweet fruity mash-up that reminds me of childhood lollipops and other swirled fruity hard candies. It smells like a sugared blend of raspberry, lemon, blueberry, lime, and maybe touches of grape and strawberry. The picture, to me, visually captures this scent! A+

The Throw: is a solid medium! This tart will fill up a medium to large sized room with a perfect medium throw that is constantly and consistently detectable but is not over-powering and headache-inducing. It also lasts (strongly) for a long time. I easily got 2-3 tealights from this baby! A-


Overall, I adore Tutti Fruiti. There is something whimsical about the scent that reminds me of laughter, childhood, and the dog days of summer (as a kid on school vacation!).

-Kari Ann-


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