Be Thankful

Lucky for me, I had one tart of Be Thankful that was only about 2 years old (and still had it’s scent!)

Backstory: I love Be Thankful. When I was an undergraduate living in a college dorm, candles were not allowed. However, I still enjoyed going into Yankee Candle and smelling the new or seasonal scents. My freshmen year, I came across Be Thankful and just had to buy a votive for my mother as a Thanksgiving’s Day gift (she always hosts this holiday). She lit the votive…and the rest was history! The whole apartment smelled like a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and I was hooked on this scent.

Today: Be Thankful was retired last year. In it’s place, Yankee Candle released a Thanksgiving line consisting of: Cranberry Sauce, Sweet Potato Pie, and Turkey & Stuffing. While I really enjoyed the cold scents to Cranberry Sauce (sold out too fast for me to buy one at the SAS!) and Sweet Potato Pie (bought this one at 75% off)…..Turkey & Stuffing was gross! A Yankee Candle sales associate told me that Turkey & Stuffing was supposed to replace Be Thankful.…..I can tell by the amount of 75% off Turkey & Stuffing candles left over after the SAS that this scent will never come back.

Be Thankful2

The Scent: Be Thankful is successful because it blends together all the best scents of Thanksgiving. Be Thankful is a complex blend of spices, sugar, and fruit…with maybe a hint of butter. Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, and maybe even anise all blend together to highlight the warmth of the season. Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season, so those spices bridge the fall into winter gap! Next is a layer of brown sugar  to add a sweetness. Lastly, and what sets this scent apart to me, is notes of apple (almost like an apple pie). Be Thankful captures the dessert part of Thanksgiving without being a dessert-like scent! A

The Throw: Be Thankful is not a “knock your socks off” scent, but it is a medium that fills up a large space. It provided a pleasant background scent that will warm your home without over-powering it. Thus, it was the perfect scent as a Thanksgivings Day back-drop! B


Overall, I miss this scent! The Yankee Candle blogs have been buzzing rumors that it will come back this year! (aka Yankee Candle learned their mistake!). I hope so…I could see it come back as part of a Thanksgiving’s Day collection!

-Kari Ann-


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