Better Homes & Gardens Spring 2014

Wow, there are a ton of new wax cubes from the Better Homes & Gardens/ScentSationals line at Walmart! I bought a few as Easter gifts (post coming soon), but here are a few notable mentions that didn’t come home with me!


1) Fro Yo: I am an avid froyo lover…so I found this ScentSationals scent to be hilarious and wonderful. It it basically a blueberry scent, but extra credit for the name!


2) Tea Thyme: This scent is a black tea scent with a dash of green-y spice from the thyme. It reminded me of Tea & Honey from Yankee Candle, if the honey was substituted for thyme. Not as good as the Yankee Candle version, but close!


3) Chai Tea: Attention Vanilla Chai lovers….this scent is fairly close to the now discontined Yankee Candle scent from this fall! This one is not as good as the Yankee Candle version, but I enjoyed the milky, spicy tea scent!


4) Perfect Corner Bakery: This scent was a delightfully chaotic mixture of bakery goods….cinnamon rolls, sugar cookies, raspberry linzers….it was very different and nice…but didn’t make the cut for me!


5) Jamaican Coconut Fizz: I wanted to like this one so bad…but something was off (too me at least). It was trying to be a lime & coconut scent, but something about this blend was…well…just off.


6) Bali Island Spice: This scent reminded me of Bath & Body Work’s scent Tropical Spice. It was a sandalwood, floral, and tropical fruit blend that was both exotic and unique. Not for me though!


Overall, I find that the six scents I listed about have similar scents from Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works…..and the YC and B&BW versions are better (in my opinion). However, but of the scents I compared these too are retired….so by default, they win!

-Kari Ann-




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