Chilled Berry Bellini

Chilled Berry Bellini is from the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart. I bought this wax cube last winter and thought the warm weather here in Rhode Island was good time to try it out!

Chilled Berry Belini

The Scent: Wonderful! This is a bubbly blend of sweet peach syrup and raspberries! It is cool and refreshing and fruity…just perfect for warm weather. My 8 year old niece-in-law even declared: “wow it smells soooooo good in here!” when she came over to do some arts and crafts. A-

The Throw: Tremendous! This one was a medium-strong throw that filled up my entire living area and even drifted upstairs! Definitely an example of an excellent throw! A


Overall, I loved Chilled Berry Bellini! This was a refreshing scent that really added a peach punch to my living room!

-Kari Ann-


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