Farmstand Apple

Jenna gave me this mason jar candle of Farmstand Apple for Christmas. As always, my sister has excellent taste!


Firstly, look how cute this mason jar is! It was so adorable, I almost didn’t want to burn it!


The Scent: A fresh, Macintosh apple scent! This is a perfect, crisp and clean apple-scented candle. And it may also have just a dash of caramel to add something sweet! A-

The Throw: Excellent! This candle started filling up my living area almost immediately! It is a medium to a medium-strong that will linger in a room! It is a perfect fruity scent that will throw like  a superstar! A-


These Bath & Body Works candles have really been impressing me lately! Farmstand Apple is another great scent and throw to add to the list!

-Kari Ann-




    • Jason, great question! For me, I always get a beautiful wax pool on BBW candles (while YC can be hit or miss). The deeper the wax pool, the better!
      It’s very much scent-by-scent…somtimes BBW is better, and sometimes BBW. Must be the oils they use too!

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