Milk & Cookies (2nd Take)

I finished off my large jar of Milk & Cookies the other day and felt like I needed to give my finishing thoughts on this scent.

You can find my first (and fuller) review here:

Milk & Cookies

Revised Throw: Initially, I gave this jar a C- for throw. I still do believe that this jar had a weak and disappointing throw. However, compared to the Lemon Ice & Vanilla Coconut Swirl…..this candle’s throw may be more deserving of a C.

Not a big change, I know. Milk & Cookies had just that, an average throw. Every once and awhile I could smell a burst of the delicious creamy sugar cookie mash-up…but most of the time the throw was so weak, my nose immediately adjusted and I couldn’t really tell I had a candle lit.


So…….I like Milk & Cookies as a scent, but the throw was just not impressive enough for me to search out more of this retired scent.

-Kari Ann-


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