Papaya Punch (Colonial Candle)

Last year, I bought 3 Colonial Candle votives from Bed Bath and Beyond. I wanted to try out a new candle company, and the votives were only $0.99 (about half the price of Yankee Candle).

I already tried the first two votives of Fresh Summer Lemon and Tropical Nectar and was delighted by their quality. The scents were wonderful and the throws were great for a votive!

Summer Lemon:

Tropical Nectar:


The last Colonial Candle I had was Papaya Punch!

Papaya Punch

The Scent: This one is okay. It’s a nice tropical and fruity scent. It reminds me of the old Lip Smackers Papaya flavor (from about 10-15 years ago). Papaya is a hard scent to describe…especially the “candle and personal care” version. It’s creamy, fruity, and almost waxy (as a scent, not a lack of scent). Anyways, this one was your basic; exotic tropical fruit salad scent, pleasant, but nothing special. C

The Throw: Was disappointing compared to the other two I tried. I will say that Papaya Punch also had the weakest cold throw (compared to Tropical Nectar and Fresh Summer Lemon). This one only had a “scent radius” of a few feet…so unless you were right next to the votive, you couldn’t smell anything. D


I’ll assume that Papaya Punch was an unsuccessful scent, as Colonial Candle is currently not selling it. However, I am curious to try out a few more candles from this company!

Has anyone else tried Colonial Candle?

-Kari Ann-



  1. I have bought the larger 24 oz. Colonial Candles in Homesense (the Canadian version of Homegoods. The fragrances are wonderful and the throws are medium to strong.

    • Heidi! Thanks so much!
      I didn’t even think about looking in Homegoods!
      I’ve had my eye on the Vanilla Eggnog scent (it’s on clearance right now)….I’ll have to try it now!


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