Art Stuff #tbt

One of the reasons I first started getting into Bath & Body Works was because of their Art Stuff collection.

Art Stuff was a line of body products (cream, shower gel, powders, roll-on glitter) aimed mostly to preteens. The scents were fruity (and delicious), the colors were bright, and most of all…they had glitter!

Art Stuff

The picture above is my last remaining Art Stuff product. These shimmer dusts were my favorite. It’s a scented powder with flecks of silvery-white glitter. I used this powder for everything….for Middle School dances, as flare for sports (yup, I wore glitter for softball and soccer), to help dry off after a shower…… this stuff was my go-to beauty product.

And believe me, I’d love to see this come back. I used to have 3 of these in different scents!

Tropical Twist was probably one of my favorite scents from the Art Stuff line. It was a citrus-based fruity scent that I just loved (like Sprite, but much better!).


Anyways…go ahead…Google Art Stuff and let its nostalgia take you over!

-Kari Ann-

PS: Please bring this back Bath & Body Works. At one point I even was part of the Art Stuff club!


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