Ultimate Car Jars

Okay, this is a mini rant.

I hate the new(er) car jars from Yankee Candle. The have barely any scent….and that “barely any scent” fades after a day or two!

Car Jars

I put this Sparkling Cinnamon in my car about a week ago….and it’s almost as if I never hung anything around my mirror!

I was a big fan of the older Car Jar version…but I read reports that the older gel version could melt in the summer heat and cause damage to the dashboard (this definitely needed a fix!)

In response, Yankee Candle released the Ultimate Car Jar car freshener…..and in the ~10 or so I’ve tried, they have been a huge disappointment!

Okay, end rant!

On a brighter note, the new vent version (not the vent sticks, but the car jar you slip onto a vent) is great so far (Pink Sands)!

-Kari Ann-


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