Frosted Almond Biscotti

I bought this Better Homes & Gardens wax cube at Walmart during their winter holiday sale for 50% off. I finally got around to trying it….and this is a classic example of when the cold scent is much better than the actual lit scent!

Frosted Almond Biscotti

The Scent: This wax cube smelled like watered down almond extract used for baking. It was just a dose of almond, and nothing else! If you like the smell of almond extract, then this scent will be a hit for you! But…I was hoping for more of a cookie scent! C-

The Throw: This one was okay…nothing special. It was a light-medium scent that provided a pleasant background scent, but definitely didn’t impressive me or blow me away. C


Overall, Frosted Almond Biscotti from the BH&G line was just an average scent and throw. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one didn’t come back for next year…

-Kari Ann-


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