Outlet Trip (Part I)

Earlier today, Jenna and I went to a Yankee Candle outlet…and we saw lots of new Yankee Candles that I just had to blog about!


1) Black Plum Blossom: This new scent (maybe for fall?) was surprisingly wonderful! I can only describe it as a blend of plumeria and raspberry! It was definitely a fruit-based scent with hints of floral! Yum!


2) On Tap: This scent is part of the new Mandle (Man Candle) line that will probably be hyped for Father’s Day. I actually loved this one. It smelled like beer (well, okay….it smell like a fun bar around 2am when everyone is dancing and spilling their beer on the ground….the beer is still cold and mostly fresh, but it’s a mix of many different varieties.) I loved it! And let’s be honest, this will be a great “funny” Father’s Day or College Grad gift!


3) Surf’s Up: What a fun picture! This candle had a fairly light cold scent, but it smelled like sun tan lotion, salty sea air, and beach sand. Not bad, but the weak cold scent worries me!


4) Coconut Pudding: This must be a summer line! Anyway, Jenna and I both liked Coconut Pudding alot! It was a unique, custard-like vanilla coconut scent with a hint of a tropical beach vibe!


5.) White Sandalwood: Okay, I loved this scent and really hope Yankee Candle releases this Wood line. White Sandalwood was a spicy and earthy wood/tree scent that I know my husband would also love! It was wicked fresh smelling and I’m kind of regretting not buying it!


6.) Raw Teak: Here’s another Wood collection scent. I didn’t like Raw Teak as much as White Sandalwood, but it was still pleasant. It had that raw, freshly cut, wood scent with hints of sawdust (in a good, fresh, way). This is another scent that my husband would like!



See, lot’s of fun new scents!

Jenna and I always have so much fun at the Wrentham Outlets in Massachusetts. Here’s a picture of us having some fun in Banana Republic (I was extra happy after a Boston Bruins comeback win!)

Kari and Jenna May

-Kari Ann-



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