Outlet Trip (Part II)

Okay, here is the second half of the “notable mentions” from Jenna and I’s trip to a Yankee Candle outlet!


1) Barbershop: I think I liked this scent. It was a masculine, cologne-like scent that was fresh and unique.  This one is hard to describe, but it definitely is a scent I hadn’t sniffed before! I like the “mandle” tumbler idea though!


2.) Silver Birch: This was a very nice, woodsy scent. I may be wrong, but I though Silver Birch was a fall scent from a few year ago??? Anyways, this was a wonderful, gender neutral, fresh scent that I wouldn’t mind burning in late September! **CORRECTION: Thanks to Joan B, the scent I was thinking of was Lakeside Birch. So Silver Birch is a potential new Fall scent and I can’t wait to see how the two compare!


3.) Sweet Apple: This was a wonderful, authentic, gala (or honeycrisp) apple scent. A crisp apple straight from an orchard! Both Jenna and I agreed that this smelled like the real deal!


4.) Tailgating: Okay, this could be the worst smelling candle I have ever smelled in my life. It triggered my gag reflex. I will admit that it smelled like a smoky BBQ grill, but nope, this was NOT for me. But….Jenna and I could see our men liking this scent (which is why they will never know about it!).


5.) Lemon Cream: To end on a positive note, this scent was heaven-sent. A creamy, buttery, vanilla lemon macaroon cookie! Delicious and wonderful!


Goodluck hunting!

-Kari Ann-





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