Yankee Candles Retiring Soon Page (Now disabled)

UPDATE (March 2016): It looks like Yankee Candle disabled this page 😦 Boooo!


The next Semi-Annual Sale is only a month away, and Yankee Candle has posted it’s spring/summer seasonal scents that will be retiring. NOTE: this doesn’t mean that these scents are discontinued! Some may be only seasonally retiring (and will come back next spring)…but some on this list could be gone for good! I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for which of these scents won’t be returning!


So, if any of the following scents are a favorite, scoop it up now while you can!…or wait until the SAS to score a great deal!

-Bahama Breeze

-Beach Flowers

-Beach Wood

-Black Coconut

-Campfire Treat

-Citrus Tango

-Early Sunrise


-Exotic Bloom

-Fluffy Towels

-Fruit Fusion

-Golden Sands

-Green Grass

-Honey Blossom

-Honeydew Melon

-Island Spa

-Juicy Peach

-Juicy Watermelon

-Lavender Vanilla

-Luau Party

-Meadow Showers

-Orange Dreamsicle

-Paradise Spice

-Sea Coral

-Summer Scoop

-Summer Wish

-Sweet Strawberry

-Under the Palms

-Waikiki Melon

-White Gardenia


-Kari Ann-




  1. Fluffy Towels ?? I thought that was a year-round high-sales scent. In fact, many of those scents are really good sellers. YC is shooting itself in the foot, unless their cash-flow is bad and they need more money Sooner rather than Later: they may be “scaring” us into buying NOW.

    • I agree!…..this is the second year they “announced” what will be retiring….I think they definitely try to get people to buy these candles at full price now…..a few on this list shocked me: Fluffy Towels and Bahama Breeze are excellent sellers in my store year-round!

      I’ll laugh if they “change their mind” to retire a few of these if this gets a sales boost!

      AND Wakiki Melon is ALREADY discontinued, \not sure why its on the list! LOL

    • I do think that some of it is a scare tactic. That is a good point. However, they can only produce so many scents at one time as well, so they are “retiring” them from production and probably producing a lot of different scents right now on the production line. I’m sure a lot of these great sellers will be back on the shelves sooner rather than later once they get done with whatever they are making now. I am sure we will find out what they have in mind closer to the winter season and then see a lot of these scents popping up again. I am not too worried.

      • This is the part I hate the most….trying to figure out which scents will be coming back and which are gone for good! The sales associates (in the past) have received a list of this info during the SAS….hope same goes for this year! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Marilu, I believe Paradise Spice was discontinued (which is too bad because it was one of my favorite summer scents from recent years!) I also heard (not confirmed) that Vanilla Chai was retired (hopefully it will be available as a treasure or online exclusive). YC got rid of this neat ‘retiring soon’ page 😦

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