Key Lime Pie

I bought Key Lime Pie at the summer Semi-Annual Sale at Yankee Candle last year.

As a lover of citrus scents, I decided it was time for me to try out this much-loved dessert candle.

Key Lime Pie

The Scent: A wonderful dessert lime scent (as the name says…it smells like chilled key lime pie!). It has some similar notes to Vanilla Lime, but there is an extra boost of a buttery, flaky crust note. It’s almost as if the “crust” notes from Apple Pie were combined with Vanilla Lime. So this is a sweet and tangy lime scent, in a buttery crust, with dollops of creamy vanilla on top! Yum! A

The Throw: Okay, I will admit I expected a slightly better throw. Key Lime Pie is a medium throw that has been filling up my large living area with a pleasant background scent. It’s the type of throw that feels like you are sitting in your living room and you can smell a pie baking from the kitchen (rather than having that pie right in front of you). So…it’s still a great throw and will fill up  your room….but I wish it was a tad stronger! B

Overall, I really like Key Lime Pie…but it is similar enough to Vanilla Lime…so I understand why Yankee Candle discontinued this one!


-Kari Ann-


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