Pina Colada

Jenna, my Maid of Honor, gave me a Pina Colada tumbler last year as a gift for my bridal shower. Pina Coloada was part of last year’s Cool Pops line at Yankee Candle. This line has been popping up at Homegoods and in the Yankee Candle Outlets.

April 27th marked my husband Mike and I’s 2 year wedding anniversary, and we finally lit this candle to celebrate!


Firstly, how cute is this wrapping! Jenna was such a good Maid of Honor! And it burned so wonderful!


The Scent: An icy and creamy coconut-pineapple drink. This scent is summer in a jar! It is fruity, tropical, and milky all in one! It smells, as the title would say, just like  a Pina Colada! A-

The Throw: Okay, it’s no secret by now that most of these Cool Pop scents had very light throws…and unfortunately, Pina Colada had a fairly light throw. It wasn’t “scentless” or “unsmellable,” but the throw was definitely on the lighter end of the spectrum. I did love the tropical scent, so the light throw was worth it….as long as you burn it in a small-sized room! C-


Overall, I loved the cold scent of ALL of the Cool Pops line…and had some success with the Banana Blueberry scent…however, Yankee Candle needed to up the throw on this line 😦

-Kari Ann-


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