Herb Garden

The ScentSationals wax cube line at Walmart recently released a duel-scented line where each wax cube packet comes with two blend-able scents.

I had to try a few.

First up was Herb Garden, which included Basil Leaf and Fresh Rosemary. My husband is a huge fan of Yankee Candle’s Fresh Mint, and I was hoping this would have a similar “green” note to it.

Herb Garden

The Scent: Originally as a cold scent, I thought Herb Garden would be a smash hit! BUT, it’s terrible! One of the blendable scents (either basil or rosemary) smelled just like soap. There was nothing green or fresh about this scent…all I could small was a bar of Dial soap. It was artificial smelling and just terrible! D

The Throw: The Throw in these wax blend is an example of one that is too strong. Almost immediately, I started to get a terrible headache and my husband’s eyes started to tear up. We had to blow it out and open a window! It didn’t help that the scent was a fake soap-like smell! This one ended up in the trash! F


So, my first experience with these new duel-scented wax cubes was negative…but I have hope for the other blends!

-Kari Ann-



    • I’m with you RythmBrown. This was my favorite scent. I would literally buy the entire sleeve because I use it when I clean, but my house is large and open…Now, I can’t find it anywhere and I am totally bummed. I think it was discontinued and no other scent compares. I used to use Green Tea and Ginger, but that was discontinued and was SO VERY happy to run across this scent. I have spent SO MUCH $$ on candle’s and there’s just no comparison.

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