Final Thoughts on Key Lime Pie

I have a thing where I cannot burn a new candle until the one I am currently burning is finished. So when I am burning a large jar….it can be up to 3 weeks before I try out a new candle! (I do make an exception for “tart” breaks.)

My large jar of Key Lime Pie from Yankee Candle is why the candle reviews have been slow.

Key Lime Pie 2

Overall, I enjoyed Key Lime Pie. It had that sweet and tangy lime scent that I love, with the bonus additions of vanilla and butter. This candle somehow made me feel like a chilled and freshly made Key Lime Pie was sitting right in front of me! The scent is delicious and amazing.

However, I must admit that I prefer Vanilla Lime, a scent currently available at Yankee Candle. (Key Lime Pie is a retired scent sometimes available as a Treasure.)

Additionally, the throw on this large jar was good, but left me wanting more. I stand by my “throw grade” of a B. I could smell this scent, but it was a light-medium to medium that could be upped a notch. Again, I prefer the throw of Vanilla Lime.

I will miss Key Lime Pie, but I feel like snatching a few tarts of Vanilla Lime will help with my address for the end of this scent!

-Kari Ann-

PS: you can read my full review on Key Lime Pie here:


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