PartyLite: Apple Strudel

For Christmas, Jenna gave me a ScentPlus Melts from PartyLite in the scent Apple Strudel.


PartyLite is a candle company not sold in stores. While you can buy them online, the most common way to get PartyLite products is through a representative. Someone can host a PartyLite party and have a representative come to sell you the candles, wax, and accessories. The representative often comes with samples so you can sniff the scents. It’s like the candle version of Avon (make-up), Lia Sophia (Jewelry), Gourmet Chef…… get the picture!


The ScentPlus Melts are similar to Yankee Candle tarts. I’ve been melting two chunks at a time.


The Scent: This wax smells like a freshly baked, warm apple smothered in cinnamon sugar and sprinkled with a  buttery, flaky crust. It is fruity, sweet, warm, spicy, and simply delicious! It is truly one of the best apple-dessert scents I have ever smelled! A

The Throw: Okay, so the throw is a light-medium to medium with one caveat: the throw of the scent lasts only a few hours. It begins as a wonderful medium throw that filled up my living room and made me feel like a warm apple strudel was baking right next to me. However, that throw did start to taper away…and after 3-4 hours was more of a light throw. Overall, the throw is nice…I just wish it lasted a tad longer. I was only using 2 chunks… I suppose if I added 3 or 4, I’d get a much longer throw. I love that I can control this factor! B


So my first experience with PartyLite was pretty positive. I love the scent….it kind of blew me away (especially when melted) and the initial throw is great! I just need more practice with knowing how much “chunks” to melt per tealight!

Thanks Jenna!

-Kari Ann-



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