Sweet Bakery Treats (BH&G)

Here is another one of the Better Homes & Gardens duel-scented wax cubes from Walmart.

These wax cubes come in two scents meant to be melted together. Sweet Bakery Treats is a mix of Raspberry Cookies and Cinnamon. You can melt each scent separately…but where is the fun in that?

Sweet Bakery Treats

The Scent: Melted, a spicy powdered cinnamon is the dominant scent, followed by a sugary raspberry jam, and topped of with a buttery cookie note. It is a (more so) spicy and sweet fruity blend that is pleasant, but didn’t blow me away. It’s not bad, it’s just not special. While I really like the cinnamon aspect, the raspberry cookie scent is lacking (to me at least). B-

The Throw: The throw is not bad! Those cinnamon notes filled up my living area in a medium strength…but the throw of the cinnamon was much greater than the raspberry cookie. That can be a flaw with mixology…..all scents need to be equal in strength or else the strongest throw will overwhelm the others! That happened here; cinnamon blocked out the raspberry. So the full effect throw was a A- for cinnamon and a C- for the Raspberry Cookie. overall, I’ll give it a B-

So this fruity, spicy treat is nice…especially as a kitchen scent. It’s just an okay scent, nothing new or unique or special. At least it was 100% better than Herb Garden (the previous duel-scent I tried)!

-Kari Ann-



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