A few finds

Over the weekend, Jenna and I poked our heads into a Yankee Candle Outlet. We both are refraining from buying candles at the moment, but here are a few notable items we saw.


1) The new look for the Yankee Candle Home collection. I’m really enjoying the simple, almost rustic look of the Home Collection. While I like the old version (with pictures and words to describe the scent all over the jar), this “clean” look was a breath of fresh air.


2) Sunset on the Beach: Here is another limited edition summer-themed jar that is currently making round in the Homegoods/TJMaxx/Marshalls circuit. This one smelled just like a fruity mixed drink (similar to Luau Party and Fruit Punch). I like the picture too!


3) Apple Spice: Here is a my favorite (and last) find: Apple Spice! This wonderful and presumably new fall 2014 scent smells just like an apple donut coated in cinnamon-sugar! This scent smells like the apple donuts that are sold at an orchard near me: just add some warm apple cider and call it autumn!

-Kari Ann-


One comment

  1. Both of those candles have really cool labels! The beachy one is fun while the Home one is very rustic and almost fall-esque because it the color of the wax.

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