Watermelon Lemonade (White Barn)

Jenna bought me this 3-wick of Watermelon Lemonade for Easter. It is part of the White Barn line currently sold at Bath & Body Works. This scent sold out very fast last year… and lucky for us came back out this year!


This candle produced on of the best wax pools I’ve seen in a while! Spoiler, the candle is about the make the Dean’s List!


The Scent: This wonderful, fruity scent is my exact definition of summer! The cool and juicy watermelon adds a fruity sweetness to the tangy lemonade. This scent is perfectly balanced…it’s not too sugary, and the balance between zesty lemon and summery watermelon is spot on! It could drink in this wonderful scent all day! A+

The Throw: This is the perfect throw! Within minutes, it completely filled up my living area with a strong throw. But it wasn’t the kind of throw that is overwhelming or headache-inducing! This is honestly one of the best throwing candles I’ve ever come across! A+


So there it is: a perfect grade! Watermelon Lemonade is one of my favorite candles (scent and throw) so far ever!


-Kari Ann-



  1. Inccccccccccccccredible scent! This one is so wonderful! I hope you can get a few more, and I hope B&BW keeps it together and keeps this one around. Definitely A+ all around!!

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