Sicilian Orange: World Journey

Sicilian Orange is a Yankee Candle World Journey that has been around for a few years, and is still occasionally available as a “find” at Homegoods/TJMaxx/Marshalls or a Yankee Candle Outlet. It is also one of the more popular World Journeys because of its delicious citrus scent.

The original World Journey tumbler candles included 2  labels, one on each side.

Sicialian Orange

One of those labels included a story-like description of the scent. This was a cute feature I wish the World Journeys still had.

Sicilian Orange’s scent description reads: “Experience the delicious beauty of Sicily, one of the shimmering jewels of the Mediterranean, where ancient conquerors left behind magnificence ruins and legendary foods, including sun-rich blood oranges which fill the air with tangy, sweet sensations.”

The other label is the one we still see today with the 3 pictures.

Sicilian Orange2

The Scent: A tangy and citrusy-sweet blood orange. It is a true fruity scent that doesn’t smell like an over-sugared or artificial orange drink. It is a true, clean and fresh, orange scent! This one is perfect for a kitchen-type environment or a fun summer scent! B+

The Throw: The throw for Sicilian Orange was a tad disappointing for me…I had only heard incredible things and the throw for me was just average. It was a light to light-medium throw that a a small “scent radius” of about 10 to 15 feet. It wasn’t a terrible throw or by any means scentless…I just had very high expectations! So I give it an average C


So, overall, Sicilian Orange is a nice pure fruit scent that is worth “treasure-hunting” for….but it’s not a scent that would cause me to “buy out the store.”

PS: Jenna and I were in Haverhill, MA this weekend to participate in the Color Me Rad 5k. We had so much fun!

Jenna and Kari CMR

We also dragged our significant others along…..they had a great time too (even if they’ll never admit it!)

Jenna Kari CMR

-Kari Ann-



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