Cookie Fix

Cookie Fix is another “blendable” duel-scented wax cube from the ScentSationals line sold a Walmart. This one is a combo of Buttery Shortbread and Sugared Pecan.

Disclaimer…this one also failed to impress me 😦 Which is a shame because the scent description has so much potential!

Cookie Fix

The Scent: A common theme I am finding with these duel-scented wax cube packs is that they become “powdery-smelling” after 30 minutes or so. It’s hard to describe, but some tarts/wax gives of a powdery scent that is (to me) over-bearing and head-ache inducing. So this scent started out okay…..the Buttery Shortbread was more of a generic “sugar cookie” scent and the Sugared Pecans was mostly scentless. But after 30 minutes, that powdery scent cancelled any of the “cookiness.” So, this scent sounds amazing….and I hope it is improved or replicated by another vendor! D+


The Throw: The throw was decent, but that powdery, head-piercing note made the throw almost too strong. I will admit that the throw quality of the ScentSational wax cubes is excellent…now if only the scent quality could be the same! B+


Overall, Cookie Fix was a disappointment, but gave me some good ideas to try for mixology!

-Kari Ann-


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