Champagne Toast

Champagne Toast was part of the limited edition New Years Eve themed collection from Bath & Body Works. Champagne Toast was my favorite scent of the collection and Jenna bought it for me as a  gift! She also got me the plug-in version!

Champagne Toast1

I am fairly superstitious with some things… I refused to lit this scent until I finished/passed my dissertation defense! (I didn’t want it to be the candle equivalent of “popping open the champagne” before I was successful!)

Well, on May 13th, I officially passed my dissertation defense! Whew! So I celebrated with some bubbly and finally lit Champagne Toast!

Champagne Toast

The Scent: An effervescent fruit heaven! This scent has a tropical fruit base with hints of fermented grapes and extra bubbles! It is like the most delicious chardonnay/Pinto Grigio combo that happen to be carbonated (bubbly!). Simply divine! Bath & Body Works NEEEDS to bring this scent back next year! A

The Throw: Spectacular! A very close 2nd to Watermelon Lemonade! This one has a medium-strong throw that immediately fills up my living area! It will impress! Another fantastic quality throw! A


Overall, I love this scent! And the double whammy of having a plug-in and candle in Champagne Toast was perfect! Please BBW, bring this scent back!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Congratulations on passing your dissertation defense !! Your years of long hard work have paid off at last. Can we call you Doctor Kari Ann now ??

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