Outlet Finds! Part 1 of 2

Jenna and I went to the Yankee Candle outlet in Wrentham, MA this weekend and found some notable mentions!


1) Poker Night: This tumbler was on display with Barbershop and Tailgating (and the #2 listed next). It seems like these are mandle-like themes, but I am not sure. Poker Night was hard to describes, maybe a combination of cedar wood and fresh soap. It was  a pleasant, fresh scent…but I am not entirely sure if it reminds me of Poker Night. (Personally, I imagine the smell of cigars when i think of poker…so maybe it’s a good thing it smells more like a fresh soap scent.)


2) Shaken, not Stirred: Okay, I loved this scent. It smells like a clean (or should I say dirty?) martini with hints of salty olive. It was a unique scent that I can only hope everyone gets to sniff! Of all these madle-like tumblers, Shaken, Not Stirred was the only scent I genuinely liked.


3) Candy Corn: Okay, yes, Candy Corn is not a new scent by any means…but how cute is this jar! Now that it’s almost July, we can start getting excited for the new fall scents and collections, like the Boney Bunch! So far, I’m loving this “playful” trick-or-treat theme!


4) Ghostly Treats: Now this is a jar I want on display during Halloween! Ghostly Treats is Campfire Treats (or is it campfire marshmallow?). Anyways, it is a sweet and slightly smokey marshmallow scent….perfectly fine by me!


-Kari Ann-


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