New Yankee Candle Scents (Fall 2014)

As always, Yankee Candle is premiering their new line of candle scents during the Semi-Annual Sale. These scents are full price until the end of the SAS. If you buy something at Yankee Candle, you’ll most likely get a coupon for after the sale, promoting this new fall 2014 line-up! Fall already!? It JUST got nice out!


1/2/3) Chocolate Layer Cake, Cranberry Pear, and Silver Birch: Chocolate Layer Cake is a repeat from Yankee Candle’s dessert-line (with red Velvet Cake and Banana Cream Pie). I’m not a fan….the chocolate is too artificial for me and just doesn’t come across as a “freshly baking” scent. Cranberry Pear I just gave a blurb on….very promising! Sweet and tart and perfect for the fall! Silver Birch I also recently gave  a blurb….it’s a woody, fresh scent similar to Lakeside Birch!


4) Bayleaf Wreath: This one is similar to Sage & Citrus. If you like the fresh, herbal scents, give this a sniff. The aromatic bayleaf is mixed with a dried orange scent that is well balanced. This could be a potential “hit” for Yankee Candle.


5) Berrylicious: Move over Blueberry Muffin, there’s a new berry scent in town! This was by far my favorite! It’s a sweet blueberry scent with hints of buttery cake and vanilla whipped cream! It was perfect! If you are sad about Blueberry Muffin’s retirement, give this one a sniff!

Okay, so the new Fall 2014 line-up is diverse! We have a few food/fruit scents and some fresh scents. While Chocolate Layer Cake is a rehash from a previous line (and Silver Birch may be a reboot for Lakeside Birch), there are 3 new and unique scents that Yankee Candle is adding to there repertoire!


Personally, I want to grab a tart of Berrylicious and Cranberry Pear!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Hmmm…I have to say that I’m not really impressed with their selection this year. It just doesn’t say “Fall” to me. I don’t recall liking last years either. 2012 was great and ideal for Fall, in my opinion. What do you guys think?

    • Personally, I thought this was a late summer line at first…not a fall line! I was disappointed, and agree with you, that this is the special autumn line. Where’s the apple and pumpkin, or ANYTHING autumn.

      I did love berrylicious…but that was the only stand out to me (with Cranberry Pear as a maybe). And Berrylicious says 4th of July to me! I’m hoping they release more scents closer to fall!

  2. I wasn’t that impressed either. Bay Leaf Wreath and Silver Birch are okay.
    But I’m hoping for a coupon after the sale so I can try some out. Maybe not in a large jar though.

    • The coupon they are currently giving out (for after the SAS) is terrible! B2G1…I’m hoping for a 10 off 25 sometimes soon! (For tarts…I agree, I hate buying large jars until I know I like the scent!) 🙂

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