Sugared Apple

I was a huge fan for Sugared Apple from day 1. It started as a favorite of the Spoonful of Sugar line. Lucky for its fans (me included) Yankee Candle added Sugared Apple to their holiday seasonal line-up!

Sugared Apple packs a punch! It has a great through, and reminds me of Candied Apple, one of my all time favorite Yankee Candle scents.


The Scent: This is a sweet, but fresh apple scent. It smells like a gala or honeycrisp apple that has been egg-washed, then rolled in sanding sugar (the big crystal sugar!) It is not a baked apple scent, which I enjoy! It is a perfect fall to winter transition scent, and can even be burned year-round! If you like apple scents, try this one out! A-

The Throw: Even as a votive, this baby had a throw! It’s a medium strength that filled up my living area! It may seem soft or light when you sniff it cold, but once lit, Sugared Apple comes alive! A-


Overall, I am a huge fan of this wonderful scent! Yankee Candle made it into a holiday scent (per timing and picture…which is cute btw!), but it truly is an all-seasons scent!

-Kari Ann-



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