Evening Air

Evening Air is one of my favorite fresh scents. It retired a few years ago at Yankee Candle, but has come back as either a treasure or in another form (for example, as Alaskan Lights in Homegoods).

This scent is what I call a unisex scent…in my experience, it appeals to males and females equally.

Evening Air

The Scent: I am bad at describing this scent…it’s a fresh, masculine scent that reminds me of a crisp end-of-summer night. It has hints of wood and leaves, with some cologne-like aspects, and a tad of lake-scent. It smells like nighttime air 😉 If you like Midsummer’s Night, then Evening Air is sure to win you over. A-

The Throw: I’ve always been impressed with the throw of Evening Air. This votive gave a medium throw that filled up my living area It was wonderful! It’s the type of throw that is present and warm, but not over-bearing! A-


All-in-all, Evening Air has a great throw and is a wonderful fresh scent. I’m glad it still “kicks” around!

-Kari Ann-

PS: It’s official, I’m now living in Maryland!



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