Citrus Passion Orange

The Citrus Passion line was sold at Yankee Candle in the spring of 2012. I was particularly interested in this line because 1) I love citrus scents and 2) the theme of my wedding was citrus fruits.

While this limited edition line is now retired, it’s scents have been popping up at Homegoods, YC outlets, and even at the Semi-Annual Sale. I recently tried a votive of Orange.


The Scent: Orange smells like Pez candy to me! It was a candy-like sweet orange scent. Just think about those gummy orange wedge candies coated in sugar crystals. It’s very yummy, but definitely a dessert-like orange more than a fresh scent. B+

The Throw: Okay, so the cold throw is pretty faint, but I was surprised by the lit throw (I had low expectations). It was still a light throw, with a scent radius of about 10-15 feet, but I had expected no throw. So the throw is weak, but if you are near the candle, the gentle Pez-like scent is extremely pleasant. This is a votive, so a jar, tart, or tumbler may be stronger. D+


I really wish the throws on this Citrus Passion line was stronger. I love the concept and the labels, and the scents are really nice (and mostly sugary). I just hope all candles companies keep the citrus scents coming!

-Kari Ann-


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