Sundrenched Vineyard

I bought a Wallflower bulb of Sundrenched Vineyard at the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale! This scent is a home run!

Sundrenched VineyardThe Scent: Sundrenched Vineyard smells like having delicious glass of Merlot in one hand and a glass of Chardonnay in the other! The fresh and sweet grape scent has a hint of aged oak, making it smell like a fine wine rather than cough syrup. I am pleasantly blown away! In my opinion, Sundrenched Vineyard is better than Yankee Candle’s Vineyard scent! A-

The (bulb) Throw: I have this Wallflower in my bathroom and WOW is it perfect. The entire bathroom has smelled like a small vineyard in Italy for the last week. The throw is just what you want from a plug-in: medium strength that covers up any odors (such as a litterbox), but is not so strong a guest will instantly get a headache. Excellent job Bath & Body Works! A-


Overall, I am smitten with Sundrenched Vineyard. It’s a surprising treasure that I’m glad I bought! If you like wine-based scents, give this one a sniff…especially since it’s part of the SAS and 50% off!


-Kari Ann-



    • Hi Dawn, I bought this scent online back in 2014…but I haven’t seen it since. I think it was discontinued 😦 Sometimes I find old scents at Semi-Annuals Sales (hope you get lucky!)

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