Final Thoughts on Pink Bubblegum

So I finished off the mini of Pink Bubblegum I started a few months ago. It was part of Bath & Body Works Sweet Shop line that seemed to “go away” quickly…not because it sold out, but almost as if it was quickly moved to storage for the newer summer lines. Anyways, many of the Sweet Shop scents are now available as part of the Semi-Annual Sale.

Pink Bubblegum I originally gave Pink Bubblegum an A- for scent and a C for throw. And I’m fairly happy with that review. The scent was spectacular: it smelled like a wad of childhood Bazooka gum. This nostalgic scent will send you into wonderful memories of summertime and baseball games!

However, the throw is pretty weak on this guy. Although it was “smellable” the throw was weak and has a thin “scent radius” of only a few feet. If the throw was a tad stronger, this could have been a knock-out!

You can read my original review here:

Happy Hunting 🙂

-Kari Ann-


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